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Voice4Equity Announces New Location in Vancouver, Washington

Voice4Equity is proud to announce its expansion with a new office in beautiful Vancouver Washington!

July 25th, 2022

Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto, founder and CEO of Voice4Equity, announces a new location for Voice4Equity in downtown Vancouver, Washington, at 1220 Main Place, opening on August 1, 2022.

Voice4Equity, a women-owned company founded in Hawaii to expand opportunities for women in education policy leadership, provides services to women leaders, school districts and corporate clients. Its new location will allow the company to better serve clients nationwide, including education leaders in the pacific and atlantic island communities. The company chose Vancouver as its new location due to the community’s commitment to innovation, and its strategic location in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, an ideal location to host in-person events for women leaders.

“Hawaii was a wonderful place to establish Voice4Equity. Now, with our new Vancouver office, we will improve our ability to serve customers across the country. I am excited to expand our reach to help more women build policy expertise and influence to continue the fight for equity.” Dr. Christina Kishimoto, CEO

Voice4Equity works with educational systems all over the country, including educational technology and curriculum companies, professional associations, state agencies and school districts, and other organizations invested in public education. An example of the work that Voice4Equity does is the Women’s Policy Network, which provides policy leadership academies for women Superintendents and women aspiring to CEO roles. The Girls Policy Network, which provides leadership development opportunities for high-school girls, allows girls from urban and rural communities to come together and learn how to develop policy voice through authentic dialog with female business and public-sector leaders.

To learn more about Voice4Equity, or to request information, visit the company’s website at

About Voice4Equity

Voice4Equity is a women-owned company that empowers women for policy leadership and voice. Founded by Dr. Christina Kishimoto in 2021, the company provides high-impact strategic and equity focused services for women, school districts, and corporate clients nationwide.

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