Voice4Equity provides a wide range of programs focused on equity policy, voice, and collective action.

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Voice4Equity provides capacity building support and training around policy leadership and equity policy planning using its Culturally Responsive Policy Ecosystem™ approach through several of our key programs or through a tailored design in consultation with your organization.

Superintendents and aspiring Superintendents are critical policy leaders who need to define and lead across diverse policy ecosystems to ensure equity of access to quality education for all students. At the same time, Superintendents also must be engaged in the development of policy leadership skills of Cabinet and Principal teams. Voice4Equity can partner with you in designing Cabinet level and Principal specific training in policy voice and leadership.

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Voice4Equity offers a five-session discussion-based online networking program for high school juniors and seniors that brings together student leaders to collaborate around policy issues that matter to them. This program includes CEO level guest speakers representing various fields of work who provide the girls with an open opportunity to ask them questions about their rise to the CEO seat and the challenges they face as a woman leader. Participants are coached to prepare a final policy presentation on a topic of their choosing.

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Coaching For Women Leaders

Voice4Equity provides highly targeted coaching services for women, with a particular focus on novice and and aspiring district and state level leaders, through two unique coaching programs:

Strategy-Focused Coaching

Superintendents and Boards can contract for strategy specific coaching for Superintendents in their first two years in the Chief Executive seat. These sessions are typically highly focused over a six month time period on a topic of interest or need such as: Redesigning the Superintendent’s Cabinet; Governance and Policy Design; District Budgeting; and Partnership Engagement.


Aspirant Leadership Coaching

This program is designed as short-term coaching and is considered just-in-time coaching for women who are seeking their first Superintendent, Principal, Cabinet or Director seat. Coaching is focused on interview strategies, policy mindset, and role expectations. Women who have been repeatedly successful as a finalist but have not had success in being selected may find it beneficial to talk through their experiences with search teams and deconstruct their approach with a coach.



Thought Leadership Support and Collaboration. Voice4Equity provides confidential thought leadership and design concepts to curriculum and ed tech companies that are looking to leverage their company’s mission, reach and expertise to advance the equity agenda for students and school, district and state leaders. Voice4Equity also continues to seek partnerships with companies that want to underwrite or collaborate on leadership development programs particularly directed at women, women of color and BIPOC leaders to help close the leadership access gap.

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