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Why We Exist: To increase the number of women and women of color at the policy table.

Voice4Equity improves access to policy leadership opportunities for women superintendents and those preparing for careers as school superintendents.

Despite making up more than 70% of the education workforce, only 27% of school superintendents are female. Our work empowers women to narrow that opportunity gap through focused training, conferences and networking, coaching, discussion groups, leadership development skills, strategic partnerships, and educational opportunities.

Our Mission

To disrupt years of systemic bias and inequities by working with women and organizations to expand the diversity of voice through strategic leadership, equity policies and community engagement.

Our Aspiration

Become the go-to national resource for data, development, and networking for women in education policy leadership roles.

Our Approach

We drive change through foundational policy knowledge, build deep professional networks and use accessible AI-powered data and research platforms.

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A private online community for women who are superintendents or on a path to the superintendency. A no cost membership provides access to exclusive learning and development opportunities.

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Culturally Responsive Policy Framework

Voice4Equity incorporates four components of our Culturally Responsive Policy Framework™ to create equity-based policy changes and ensure positive outcomes for leaders, organizations, and communities.

This powerful system is a tool for leaders to use as they work toward eliminating systemic bias and providing opportunities for those often left out or marginalized by antiquated, status-quo thinking.


When we invest in knowledge development and gain an understanding of the underlying policies that shape our lives, we are empowering communities to have a say in shaping their own destinies.


Unlocking fresh perspectives and innovative ideas requires a broad range of voices influencing economic opportunity. Let’s break down barriers to create an equitable environment for growth.


When women and leaders of color come together to share resources, the power of their collective actions has the potential to create extraordinary impacts that bring about meaningful policy changes.


Every success in equity policy is an incredible opportunity to create positive change. It's essential that we use clear data to guide each win and reinforce our gains with meaningful action.

Amplifying Voices, Creating Change

The powerful decision-makers in education, business, and government are still overwhelmingly male. This leads to skewed, incomplete perspectives and inequitable outcomes across society.

Female Teachers

Female Principals

Female Superintendents

Source for Teachers and Principals is US DOE, for Superintendents it is Voice4Equity Education Leadership Database

We aim to eliminate systemic bias against women and people of color.

To that end, Voice4Equity provides access to growth opportunities for women interested in becoming school superintendents.

Despite significant progress and decades of effort, women remain largely underrepresented in executive leadership roles and on influential boards. As a result, many educational districts are missing out on the unique benefits diversity brings to decision-making, such as fresh perspectives that can lead to more equitable policies, services, and opportunities.

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