Team Members

Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto

Founder and CEO

Dr. Christina M. Kishimoto is the founder of Voice4Equity LLC and a Clinical Professor at the Rossier School of Education at the University of Southern California.

A native of the South Bronx in New York City, she is a bold advocate for social justice and a national leader on education policy and equity matters. Prior to founding Voice4Equity, Christina led education systems in Hartford Connecticut, Gilbert Arizona, and most recently as the State Superintendent of Education for the State of Hawaii. She has served on a number of boards including the Council of Chief State School Officers, the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents where she served as President, the Nellie Mae Education Foundation, and she is a national Chief for Change. Christina has a daughter who is serving as an officer in the U.S. Air Force, and lives in Vancouver, Washington with her husband.


Dr. Alicia Thompson

Superintendent in Residence

Dr. Alicia Thompson is a steadfast advocate for education and community engagement. She has spent her entire career dedicated to the Wichita Public School District, first as a student of Wichita Heights and most recently as superintendent. Dr. Thompson has deep-rooted ties to the district and community that have significantly shaped her approach to leadership.

Dr. Thompson broke significant barriers in her tenure as superintendent. She was the first woman and the first person of color to hold this superintendent position in the district’s 150-year history. Her leadership style is deeply rooted in respect and inclusivity, qualities that are reflected in the district from which she retired in 2023.

As a leader, Dr. Thompson has always been in tune with her students. Having walked the same halls they do, she relates to their experiences and inspires them to believe in their potential. Her empathetic leadership style has been noticed and lauded by students and families. As Superintendent in Residence at Voice4Equity, Dr. Thompson brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in support of our mission.


Teresa Chaulk

Superintendent in Residence

Teresa Chaulk brings extensive leadership experience to Voice4Equity as Superintendent in Residence. Her expertise is expansive, from crafting compelling curricula to navigating the nuances of special education and preparing budgets and financial reports. She has served many roles throughout her career, including Business Manager, Curriculum Director and Special Education Director. She has served 17 years in the superintendent role at Lincoln County School District #1.

Teresa doesn’t just work within the education system; she advocates for it at the state level, fervently supporting policies and funding that bolster schools, teachers, students and families. She is committed to using her experience to support women in their pursuit of success, and is a sought-after coach and mentor for other women navigating their own career journeys.

In addition to her wide-ranging educational experience, Teresa holds coaching certifications and is a certified personal trainer, showcasing her versatile skill set.


Tiana Hill

Business Operations Manager

Tiana Hill serves as the Business Operations Manager for Voice4Equity, where she supports business development, marketing and customer service operations.

She has served as a growth-driven management professional in both the education and lifestyle sectors, with education and marketing experience at ASCD, Pearson and the Phoenix Suns. Tiana keeps life in balance by serving as a yoga instructor and wellness lifestyle enthusiast.


Steve Smith

Technology Director

Steve Smith serves as the director of technology and partnerships for Voice4Equity, responsible for all technical functions and support for national partnerships. With a deep and diverse background, including experience as a middle school educator at Title 1 schools in Arizona and Hawaii, as technology services lead at a major publishing company, and as a corporate and K12 CIO, Steve is a passionate advocate for equity in education technology.

He has helped students, teachers, parents and ed-tech entrepreneurs and companies implement changes to become more successful. When he is not working, you will likely find Steve outside among the mountains, valleys and rivers of the Pacific Northwest.


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