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What is The Flamboyan Network?

The Flamboyan Network is the first online space designed exclusively for women who are in executive leadership in the public education sector. Designed to provide an inclusive, safe and empowering space for women leaders, The Flamboyan Network is a critical resource for women who seek to grow their professional expertise and mentor others as they climb. Learn more about The Flamboyan Network and secure your free membership today!

We believe in the power of connection and collective wisdom. We have created a space where women leaders from diverse backgrounds come together to share experiences, exchange knowledge, and inspire one another. Our podcasts, videos, webinars, and live sessions that we offer are designed to provide you with valuable insights, meaningful connections, and a platform to thrive.

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Why Join?

You’ll be joining a network of inspiring women leaders who are eager to uplift and support one another. From sharing successes and challenges to seeking advice and feedback, our community is here to offer guidance, encouragement, and celebrate your achievements along the way.

To further enhance your experience, we have established regional and affinity groups within our forum. Our regional groups bring together members from specific geographic areas, allowing you to connect with like-minded women leaders in your local community. These groups provide a platform to discuss region-specific challenges, collaborate on local initiatives, and build strong professional networks close to home.Description text goes here

Our forum is a hub for lively and thought-provoking discussions. Dive into topics that matter to you, exchange ideas, and gain new perspectives from fellow members. Your voice and contributions are valued, and we can’t wait to hear your unique insights on the various subjects we explore.

Building meaningful connections is at the heart of our leader’s forum. Engage in mentorship programs, connect with experienced leaders, and explore collaboration opportunities with like-minded professionals. Our platform is designed to foster relationships that will support your journey to success, whether you are seeking to support other women, or looking for support.

Who should join?

The Flamboyan Network is currently open to women who are active administrative leaders in the public school system, including roles at the superintendent, assistant superintendent, executive director and school leader/principal.

But stay tuned! We will be opening up membership to other women in the field soon!

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