Tech, Power, and Equity Presentation Proposals

The Tech, Power, and Equity conference takes place January 23-25, 2025 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Proposal Instructions

All sessions must align with one of the four conference strands, should be co-presented, and must include an applied practice that leverages AI and/or other advanced technologies. All strands must use a workshop model of instruction and engagement. You will be notified of your proposal status by the end of August 2024.

Strand One: Teaching and Learning: Using AI to Advance Learning (90 mins)

Concurrent sessions under this strand will provide hands-on training around how to evaluate quality AI-enabled systems and apps to advance learning in a particular content area or through a multidisciplinary lens such as the humanities, STEM, or the Arts. Content design should include topics such as age-appropriateness, digital citizenship, creativity and design and the human skills of tomorrow. 

Strand Two: Systems Development: Assessing Technology for Innovation (90 mins)

Concurrent sessions under this strand will provide a tool and approach for evaluating current technology utilization within a school or district relative to advances in tech-based learning systems today and achievement goals. Participants should be able to come away with a strategy focus for next level work based on their academic plans rather than a comprehensive list of technologies.

Strand Three: Policy and Operations: AI for Policy & Operational Improvements (90 mins)

Concurrent sessions under this strand will provide best practice models and guided design time for an AI application approach in the areas of policy development or operational system improvements, i.e. budget, data management, safety, transportation, facilities, etc.. Session descriptions should indicate the specific skills that participants will develop.

Strand Four: Auditing Equity of Access: Understanding How to Evaluate for Equity of Access (90 mins)

Concurrent sessions under this strand will focus on topics such as mitigating bias and inequities, a culture of innovation, and modernizing school designs, while integrating approaches to auditing equity in technology access. Sessions focused on preparing teachers and staff to engage in equity of access audits are desirable as well as sessions that demonstrate practices that elevate student agency.

Tech, Power, and Equity 2025

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