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This week has seen a monumental advancement in equity as Katanji Brown Jackson began hearing her first cases on the Supreme Court. The first black woman to ever serve on the most important court in our country, she will have a lasting influence on future court decisions and bring a voice and lived experiences that have been missing from courts in the past. Yes, there is still much work to be done before women, and women of color, are fully represented at important public policy-making tables, so don’t get comfortable. Yet, Justice Jackson is an important step forward that we can celebrate today as we continue to support, encourage, and develop the leaders for tomorrow.

This month I am so excited to feature Dr. Gladys Cruz, Superintendent of Questar III BOCES in New York. She is a fellow Puerto Rican and an incredible education leader with an inspirational personal story, and she has recently started her new national role as president-elect of AASA! Be sure to read about our discussion and learn how she is responsible for both a 1600 student school district and oversight of 22 other districts while helping to diversify the pool of education leaders in NY.

I am also excited to highlight Dr. Karen Perez, an elected board member at Beaverton School District in Beaverton, Oregon. Dr. Perez and I had turmeric lattes at a quaint coffee shop in Beaverton as we shared our stories. There is something so uplifting about slowing down to connect with a new colleague that will undoubtedly become a life-long friend.

October is the season for many education events and conferences. As our newsletter is published this week I am excited to be in Puerto Rico for the annual ALAS National Education Summit! I encourage you to intentionally reach out to women leaders that you do not yet know, and expand your network with new thought leaders. There are so many personal stories of triumph, resilience, and leadership. I will continue to use this medium to bring you some of those stories. If there is someone whose story should be told, let me know. I love making new friends!

Finally, stay tuned for the opening of registration for our exciting one-of-a-kind event for women education leaders, When Women Lead, taking place in Vancouver, Washington on June 19-21, 2023. If you are a woman education leader with a passion for lifting up other women and growing the number of female superintendents in our country, then this event is for you! Come share your expertise and knowledge on the beautiful Vancouver waterfront. Registration opens on October 10th!