Dr. Christina Kishimoto
Dr. Christina Kishimoto

Welcome to 2023! I hope that you are starting the year with love, peace and joy! With everything going on it can be a challenge. It’s so easy to lose connection to these values when we observe what is happening at the national level. Two years ago we watched grown men scaling the walls of the capital and attempting to change the outcome of a free and fair election through force and intimidation. Exactly two years later, on January 6th, 2023, we watched the House of Representatives fail to elect a Speaker, held hostage by some of the same people who cheered on the insurrection. January 6th is when many of us celebrate Three Kings Day – a religious holiday based on love, peace and joy! It just goes to show that our lives are often filled with these kinds of ironies! But despite the setbacks, we will not be deterred.

As we open 2023, I especially want to recognize the many Superintendents, who were hired, moved to a new district, or retired in the past year. Each of them have served our nation’s children and families. Many changes in leadership are due to the exhaustion leaders have faced from leading through the pandemic and into this new world of hyper-partisan politics. There are many novice Superintendents beginning their first CEO position, and it is important that we support and engage them. This is one of the reasons why we are hosting When Women Lead, a convening for executive women leaders that will bring together new and experienced Superintendents, as well as aspiring Superintendents, who want to strategize around policy leadership and voice to advance an equity-based agenda. Please encourage the women education leaders you know to attend and become a part of our growing network. It will make us all stronger.

I am excited to start 2023 with the first issue featuring Dr. Dani Portillo, the newly named Superintendent in the Roosevelt School District in Arizona. You will want to hear her story and add her to your network of equity-focused warriors! Also be sure to check out the new “On the Move” section that highlights leaders taking on new positions. We want to continue to celebrate leaders of influence in the educational policy space. If you know of a woman leader who has taken on a new position that you would like for us to recognize, please let us know. You can always email me at

Let’s dedicate 2023 to deeper connections with one another. It is through collective leadership that we will stand strong together and advance the equity agenda to the next significant level. I wish you a wonderful Spring semester! Don’t forget to register for the When Women Lead Conference before seats fill up!