When Women Lead Summit Dinner 2023
When Women Lead Summit Dinner 2023

Every month, I find immense joy in reaching out to you through The Stories We Tell and sharing the remarkable stories of women leaders in public education. As we enter September and with another school year underway, I know you will enjoy my discussion with Rhode Island Commissioner of Education Angélica Infante-Green.

Today, I wish to share some reflections on the profound power of networks and the value they bring to leaders. The essence of any network lies in the creation of spaces where relationships are not just fostered but celebrated with joy, where the beautiful dance of giving and receiving creates abundance, where our voices and ambitions are validated and amplified.

What can a network do?

  • Encourage us to step forward with our genuine selves, embracing every unique twist and turn of our individual stories.
  • Amplify our collective voice, channeling it towards the crucial goals of equity and justice.
  • Provide a global lens when faced with challenges, ensuring we’re never alone in our journeys.
  • Offer a judgment-free zone where we can brainstorm, strategize, and share freely.
  • Celebrate our growth as women, each one of us a tapestry of love, passion, and distinct expressions.
  • Invite a myriad of diverse and vibrant voices, aspirations, and dreams.
  • Bridge divides, allowing us to connect with incredible women we might never have met due to distances both geographical and experiential.
  • Set intention as collaborators, partners, and fellow visionaries who stand shoulder to shoulder.

This is why we created The Flamboyan Network, to empower women education leaders with the knowledge that we can accomplish so much more when we work together collaboratively and collectively. If you are an executive leader in the public school system, I encourage you to join us on The Flamboyan Network. We represent the shade tree under which we gather, finding solace in the shared joy of sisterhood, uniting our forces to elevate and transform the lives of our most treasured assets – our children. You can apply here, or read on for more information!

As we step into this new school year, I challenge you to embrace a renewed perspective. Envision what you can achieve, not just as an individual leader, but as a part of a network of bold women leaders. Women who, just like you, are driven by a mission to dismantle barriers, champion equity, and shape a brighter, more just future for our nation’s young minds.

To a year of limitless possibilities and deepened connections!